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Name Sex Colour Registration Foaling Date Reg Status Competition Status
A COOL ACRE Gelding BAY 234949 08/11/2011 Stud Book Not Eligible
ACE ON ICE Gelding BROWN/BLACK C1-242091 30/10/2010 First Cross Deceased
ACES OF ACRES Stallion BROWN C2-192140 11/11/2009 Second Cross Not Eligible
ACRE MAKER Stallion BLACK C2-180897 26/09/1998 Second Cross Not Eligible
ACRES AN OAK Mare CHESTNUT C2-157478 30/10/1999 Second Cross Eligible
ACRES B JESUS Stallion BLACK SM-176093 21/10/2003 Special Merit - Stud Book Eligible
ACRES BANJOS DESTINY Gelding BAY C1-260970 01/10/2017 First Cross Eligible
ACRES BLACK WIDOW Mare BROWN/BLACK C1-186982 20/11/2002 First Cross Eligible
ACRES CHICKALENA Mare PALOMINO 190590 25/09/2002 Stud Book Eligible
ACRES COMPLETE Mare CHESTNUT 198348 27/11/2011 Stud Book Eligible
ACRES DESTINY BELLISSIMA Mare BAY 235206 01/11/2013 Stud Book Not Eligible
ACRES DESTINY CACHE Gelding CHESTNUT 195728 19/10/2010 Stud Book Not Eligible
ACRES DESTINY DEJA VU Gelding BLACK 189849 31/10/2008 Stud Book Not Eligible
ACRES FANCY GEM Mare CHESTNUT C2-187813 10/11/2006 Second Cross Eligible
ACRES FIRSTCLASS MYSTERY Mare BAY C2-241244 12/01/2014 Second Cross Eligible
ACRES IN THE SUN Gelding CHESTNUT C1-237902 12/10/2011 First Cross Eligible
ACRES JEMIMA Mare BROWN/BLACK 149914 09/11/1999 Stud Book Eligible
ACRES LAST ACE Gelding BAY C1-257073 02/10/2018 First Cross Not Eligible
ACRES LAST STAND Mare BLACK 252569 24/09/2017 Stud Book Not Eligible
ACRES LIL ACORN Mare PALOMINO 192142 15/11/2009 Stud Book Eligible
ACRES LITTLE CRAFTSMAN Stallion PALOMINO C2-145208 09/10/1999 Second Cross Not Eligible
ACRES LITTLE GUNNER Gelding CHESTNUT C1-257074 13/09/2018 First Cross Not Eligible
ACRES LITTLE HEAVEN Mare CHESTNUT C1-263315 13/10/2019 First Cross Not Eligible
ACRES MOONLIGHT Mare PALOMINO C2-156453 01/01/2003 Second Cross Eligible
ACRES N CHICKASHA Stallion BAY C2-232846 08/11/2011 Second Cross Not Eligible
ACRES OAK N FRECK Mare BAY C2-192519 31/10/2008 Second Cross Not Eligible
ACRES OF AMBITION Mare BUCKSKIN 239233 20/10/2012 Stud Book Not Eligible
ACRES OF CHEX Gelding BAY/BROWN 129128 24/10/2000 Stud Book Not Eligible
ACRES OF CLASS Mare BLACK C1-246205 23/09/2000 First Cross Eligible
ACRES OF ELLEGANCE Mare CHESTNUT C2-189997 19/12/2006 Second Cross Not Eligible
ACRES OF FROST Stallion BROWN 187560 30/09/2001 Stud Book Eligible
ACRES OF HORIZON Gelding BLACK 148397 19/09/1998 Stud Book Eligible
ACRES OF MOON Mare PALOMINO 179867 21/11/1999 Stud Book Not Eligible
ACRES OF OAK Mare BAY 156419 14/10/1998 Stud Book Eligible
ACRES OF SPINAFEX Stallion BAY C1-164345 16/11/1998 First Cross Not Eligible
ACRES ONCE MOORE Mare BUCKSKIN C2-191142 17/09/2003 Second Cross Eligible
ACRES QUEST Mare BAY 174308 01/01/2004 Stud Book Eligible
ACRES RAVELLO Gelding BAY C2-188919 20/09/2008 Second Cross Not Eligible
ACRES WITTY CHIC Mare CHESTNUT C2-192146 23/09/2005 Second Cross Deceased
ACRESRENO Gelding BAY C1-171122 20/08/2001 First Cross Eligible
ADAMAC FIFTY SHADES Mare GREY 246379 19/10/2013 Stud Book Not Eligible
ADIOS ESMAE Mare BLACK 263549 02/09/2022 Stud Book Eligible
ADIOS FLO ON Mare BLACK 243292 18/10/2013 Stud Book Eligible
ADIOS FLOWING ACRES Mare BLACK 180694 18/12/2006 Stud Book Deceased
ADIOS LOTTERY Gelding BLACK 256515 20/11/2018 Stud Book Eligible
ADIOS SNIP Gelding CHESTNUT 244155 21/11/2015 Stud Book Eligible
AFTERLEE JAZZ Mare BROWN/BLACK 231119 08/01/2013 Stud Book Eligible
AL JAY COURTESY OF ACRES Mare BLACK 241335 05/11/2014 Stud Book Eligible
ALCHIN MEADOWS DREAM ACRES Stallion BAY C2-182221 21/11/2005 Second Cross Eligible
ALIAS ACRES IN HOLLYWOOD Mare DUN C1-180684 01/11/2006 First Cross Not Eligible
ALIAS DESTINY FORTFILLED Gelding CHESTNUT 199752 14/10/2009 Stud Book Eligible
ALIAS MY DESTINY Gelding BAY C1-180696 24/11/2004 First Cross Not Eligible
ALIAS PRIME ACRES Gelding BROWN/BLACK 188390 07/11/2008 Stud Book Not Eligible
ALIAS SECRET DESTINY Stallion CHESTNUT 197082 18/11/2010 Stud Book Not Eligible
ALL SPICE N ACRES Mare CHESTNUT 189441 30/09/2008 Stud Book Not Eligible
ALLSTARS DIVAS DESTINY Mare BLACK C1-238145 01/11/2005 First Cross Eligible
ALLSTARS FAMOUS ACRES Mare BLACK 231432 27/09/2013 Stud Book Eligible
ALLSTARS FANTASY Mare BLACK 234683 04/12/2013 Stud Book Not Eligible
ALLSTARS GENERAL Gelding BAY 256191 10/11/2017 Stud Book Eligible
ALLSTARS HALO Mare BAY 239709 22/08/2015 Stud Book Eligible
ALLSTARS HARMONY Mare CHESTNUT 239710 23/08/2015 Stud Book Eligible
ALLSTARS ICEMAN Stallion GREY 232628 03/11/2009 Stud Book Not Eligible
ALLSTARS KEEPSAKE Mare BAY 254506 11/09/2018 Stud Book Eligible
ALLSTARS KRYPTONITE Stallion BLACK 254505 18/11/2018 Stud Book Eligible
ALLSTATES JITTERBUG Mare CHESTNUT 190148 16/12/2008 Stud Book Deceased
ALMAC ACRES ALBERT Gelding BAY C2-234931 13/12/2006 Second Cross Not Eligible
ALMAC DESTINYS CONNOR Gelding CHESTNUT C1-198923 16/10/2006 First Cross Eligible
ALMOST AN ACRE Stallion BAY 190826 28/11/2008 Stud Book Not Eligible
AMAC BROWN ACRES Gelding BROWN 236828 29/11/2014 Stud Book Eligible
AMAC MY DESTINY Mare CHESTNUT 182013 20/10/2003 Stud Book Eligible
AMAC OAKS SERENA Mare BAY C2-198644 10/12/2008 Second Cross Eligible
AMAROO IMA ACRES Stallion CHESTNUT C1-171640 01/10/2001 First Cross Eligible
AMAROO O SO SMART Mare BLACK C1-192429 20/10/2001 First Cross Eligible
AMAROO SAMS BUDDY Stallion BAY 171099 14/11/2001 Stud Book Not Eligible
AN ACRE NAMED SUE Stallion BLACK C2-245016 15/10/2013 Second Cross Eligible
ANNIES ACRE Mare BAY C2-144210 26/09/1998 Second Cross Not Eligible
ANUSKA PARK LETHAL ACRE Stallion CHESTNUT C1-172511 20/11/2001 First Cross Eligible
APPLEGUM SANGRIA Mare CHESTNUT 233374 18/12/2012 Stud Book Not Eligible
APPLEGUM TOM PRICE Gelding BROWN 233375 13/12/2012 Stud Book Not Eligible
ARCHERS DESTINY Gelding CHESTNUT 238454 05/01/2013 Stud Book Not Eligible
AREYOU A COMET ACER Gelding BLACK 248419 20/10/2016 Stud Book Eligible
ATTADUDE Gelding CHESTNUT 187147 28/09/2005 Stud Book Not Eligible
ATTRACTIVE ACRES Stallion BROWN 186646 03/09/2006 Stud Book Eligible
AWARD COLYPSO Mare CHESTNUT 239456 18/10/2011 Stud Book Not Eligible
AYMOKE HAZE Stallion BAY 159202 27/10/2002 Stud Book Deceased
BAALGAMON TONIC Gelding CHESTNUT 237942 24/10/2013 Stud Book Eligible
BABYLON HAZE Mare BROWN 180924 08/11/2005 Stud Book Eligible
BAHREENAH AUFAIT WITH DESTINY Gelding GREY 231899 17/09/2012 Stud Book Not Eligible
BALALA COOL ACRES Stallion BAY 189832 16/11/2008 Stud Book Eligible
BALALA COOL DESTINY Mare BAY 228690 14/11/2012 Stud Book Eligible
BALALA COOLER ACRES Stallion BAY 232914 17/11/2013 Stud Book Not Eligible
BALALA ICECOOL ACRES Gelding BAY 238733 23/09/2015 Stud Book Not Eligible
BALALA TOOCOOL ACRES Gelding BAY 243980 11/10/2016 Stud Book Eligible
BALLAD OF ACRES Gelding CHESTNUT 192148 09/09/2009 Stud Book Eligible
BALLYVADEN SOUTHERLY BUSTER Gelding BROWN 169091 05/10/2003 Stud Book Not Eligible
BANGALORES MOONSHINE ACRES Mare BLACK 263764 17/10/2021 Stud Book Eligible
BANSHEE ACRES ALLSTAR Gelding BROWN 159935 25/10/2001 Stud Book Not Eligible
BANSHEE ACRES SENORITA Mare BROWN 159938 10/12/1999 Stud Book Eligible
BAR NONE DESTINYS MISTLETOE Mare CHESTNUT C2-232952 04/11/2010 Second Cross Eligible
BARBOOT HITMAN Stallion BLACK 236804 11/01/2013 Stud Book Eligible